George Morton-Clark – Studio Visit

Our man Liam Keown has been over to catch up with George Morton-Clark in the studio.

Liam Keown: “Tell us about your studio.”

George Morton-Clark: “I moved into my studio nearly two years ago. It is pretty much my most favourite that I have ever been in. Also one of my favourite places to be, I feel very relaxed in it and able to concentrate. It is a nice space to hang out too even when I am not working. I feel very at peace here.”

LK: “Tell us about your process, how important is having a studio to your work?”

GM-C: “My process changes week to week. It is never set in stone. This is what I love, it keeps me on my toes as I never know what is going to happen with my next piece. As soon as I feel that my process is becoming stale I will adjust something to change it up. Having a studio is key to my structure. I can come here, lock the world out and completely focus on my work. Even though I spend all my time thinking about my work, it is here where I execute it.”

LK: “Is the space sentimental in any way?”

GM-C: “To be honest it actually is! I would like to stay here as long as I can. There are a few studios here and there is such a great vibe here. It is very organic and not clinical in any sense. So nothing feels forced.”