Danny O’Connor Studio Visit

Our man Liam Keown has been over to catch up with Danny O’Connor in the studio.


“My studio is a slightly fancy garden shed at the bottom of my garden. I was banished here from the warmth of the spare room when my daughter Ava was born and I was swiftly kicked out. She’s been bossing me about ever since.”


“It’s great to have a place to work so close to home as it ties in well with family life. Some people say they need a separation from home and work, which I can understand at times but I feel this works for me at this time in my life.”


“My process varies from piece to piece but I do tend to throw a lot of paint around which can be tricky in a small studio. In the summer months, I’m able to take canvases into the garden and enjoy some extra space.”


“Having a studio is great, primarily just for storage, the pots of paint, brushes and large canvases soon build up so you need somewhere to keep them. If for some reason I couldn’t have a studio any longer I suppose I’d have to adapt, maybe work smaller, do more drawings or something like that. I’ve heard people say things like “oh if I had a big studio it would be so much easier to produce work” which might be true, but if you consider yourself to be a creative person then you need to think creatively about how you can work with what’s at your disposal.”


“I enjoy seeing the space evolve over time as the paint drips and spills build up on the walls and floor. It’s a layering process which gives character and hints at a story of the past. This is very much similar to the way I paint canvases, building layer upon layer.”


“I grow attached to my studios, It was quite sad to leave ‘The Spare room’ although it was nice to see it transform into a nursery and I still have fond memories of my messy little workspace when I was studying art in college aged 16. The current space still has a bit of life in it yet and it will be exciting to see what I can create in there in the future.”