Ben Slow Studio Visit


Our man Liam Keown has been over to catch up with London-based artist and East-London art-throb, Ben Slow…


“Last year I was very fortunate to get a hook up through a mate for a space literally a ten-minute walk from my front door and it’s ridiculously cheap. I’m very lucky. Studios are pretty hard to come by in London, especially affordable ones. So, for now, I’m riding my luck but it’s far from the most comfortable of spaces. The rats got pretty large last year for example. Fortunately, though it seems we’ve got rid of them now. The little fuckers use to love eating all my oil paint. But it’s cool. A good few other people around the space are doing some really interesting work and there’s a good vibe all around.”


Tell us about your process, how important is having a studio to your work?

“Essential. My process is so messy and erratic there’s no way I could be without it. I love being able to escape to my space and just immerse myself in my work. I’ve always worked that way. I can get really lost in the work and be a real anti-social git at times. I can spend days at a time in my space without seeing another human being and I have to make a real effort to get out and socialise every now and then to help keep me sane (ish).”


How important is the space itself, is it sentimental in any way?

“In no way sentimental, but it’s amazing what an effect a space can seem to have on your work. Everyone who has been round to the space recently has drawn real parallels between the space and the work I have been creating for my upcoming solo show. I guess so much of it creeps in without even thinking about it at times. I see it all as part of the journey though. I love to think that one day I’ll be in a beautiful space with lots of space and natural light and I can look back at this period and realise the importance of it all. The struggle is real.”