Hannah Adamaszek Studio Visit


Our man Liam Keown has been over with artist Hannah Adamaszek in the studio for a little visit and an insight into her practice…


“I work from my studio at home. I’m really lucky to have a nice sized space with plenty of light in the afternoons. It’s always a bit of a mess with bikes stored in there and paint pots all over the place. It’s really important to have a space where I can throw paint around. The worst thing for me is feeling restricted and having to be careful, rather than loose and free. I love to paint big, so any room I can get a large canvas in is a bonus. As long as there is plenty of natural light I’m really happy to work anywhere.”


“I don’t think I am sentimental about my space, I’d be happy to trade it in for something bigger and brighter. The space is pretty important to put me in the right frame of mind. I’ve started to fill the shelves with plants to bring the outside in. I’ve just starting buying some art to put up in the studio for inspiration, at the moment I have some pieces up by Alex Garant, Loona Lou and Tankpetrol.”




Check more of Hannah’s work here… www.hannahadamaszek.com