‘ZERO TO THE LEFT’ – Luke Cornish (ELK)


For many years, Cornish has challenged himself and others with his art. Often confronting and always compelling, he never ceases to spark conversations around race, religion, conflict and the human condition,. His work sees him travel to some of the most dangerous conflict zones in the world. The artists most recent trip abroad was a venture to Syria. In one of the artists most significant bodies of work to date, ‘ZERO TO THE LEFT’ intends to:

‘Put a human face on the effects of this war and raise awareness for the people caught in the middle of this conflict…It’s these people I want to support, the ones that left and the ones that have stayed…the ones that have no say in how their government fights this war, the ones who have no say in the sanctions that are crippling their lives and the ones who have no say in foreign invaders bent on destroying their secular society; the everyday people just trying to get by.’ – Luke Cornish

In June 2016, Cornish traveled through Syria with Sydney’s Anglican Church Reverend Dave Smith, on his ‘Boxers for Peace’ mission.

In the midst of war and poverty, Cornish was overwhelmed by positivity and hope that the civilians demonstrated. Upon his return, he began to create a body of work that revealed various aspects of the situation he witnessed:

‘I looked at not only the destruction that six years of war has had on this beautiful country, but also the everyday lives of people caught in the middle, people just trying to get by, living under sanctions, aerial bombardment and regular suicide attacks.’ – Luke Cornish


The show will feature a range of aerosol and sublimation prints of brushed aluminium, works on canvas and limited edition prints. The works are now in the gallery for viewing. They feature scenes from the places Cornish visited – the towns of Damascus, Aleppo, and Ma’aloula, and the roads in-between.

Metro Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
10th July – 5th August 2017
Opening night Thursday 13th July, 6:30-8:30pm