Seasons of Change – ‘Illmatic’

‘Seasons of Change’ has been showcasing local and international artists at Melbourne’s Revolver for over six years. The elements of each event are dictated by the artists, however all feature a large scale mural and a one night only exhibition.

This Friday 2nd June, Seasons of Change presents ‘Illmatic.’ Spearheaded by Poise, ‘Illmatic’ has VNA’s good friend p1xels shadow Style, Marine and Poise on a secret Melbourne mission. Canvases and photographic prints (signed by all members of the mission) will be available at the show.

For those not lucky enough to be able to attend the event, we have got your back! Featured below are several exclusive photos from p1xels and bios on some of the characters involved in the mission.

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credit: p1xels

‘I started in 1995 after finding Hype Magazine that was Australian produced, and finally the book ‘Subway Art’ that I stole from my local library and soon became my bible.

Since then I’ve joined crews such as TSF and CKA both of which have long histories in the Melbourne graffiti scene, and with CKA being a local crew to me and where I grew up, I lived and breathed their graffiti everyday via trains/train lines, and local secret walls that were covered in master pieces. This is something to this day, still drives me to be better.

I’m lucky enough to have travelled with my work and met some of best friends networking within the graffiti scene. Places such as NYC and Canada are personal favourites.

Currently still in Melbourne and painting, doing shows, and pushing my work/style forward.’


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credit: p1xels

Growing up on Perth’s Midland line, Ladie POISE started graffiti in 1988 after seeing tags and pieces on the line (mainly ‘Suburbia’ by SHIME). This fateful encounter occurred during a train ride with her grandmother into Perth. This led to POISE putting up tags up on the Midland line, and in and around the Northern suburbs of Perth.

As most writers do, POISE developed a throw up style, got up, and then eventually started piecing. POISE began with Perth crews TSA and ROT, and after getting busy on the Leederville Wall Battle between MKA and TFC she was invited to be in one of Australia’s most highly regarded crews TFC (Twenty First Century Crew). This crew is now an international collective of renowned artists such as DASH, SHIME, THIEF, KANE, BUEN, KAB101, DARCO, KID ZOOM, MISTERY, CHEZ and her husband PORE.

POISE has managed to get busy all over Australia, with trips to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and her new home Melbourne. She is renowned for pieces with characters, but remains involved in the other elements, often under aliases.

Along the way she has been involved in organising graffiti events such as the Ladie Killerz series with fellow female writers across Australia, as well as curating and participating in many graffiti based exhibitions like ‘Creep Show’ and more recently the ‘I Can’t Live Without My Radio’ show in support of fellow Australian pioneer SPICE – Bandit Queen.

In short, after 29 years, Ladie POISE is still killing it, with no signs of slowing down.

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credit: p1xels

‘I’m DUKE (STYLE) CKA TSF ID (Melburn Wests Og) also known as Grimo – which was my first name that I wrote in 1981. I then founded Duke in 1982 which I did the first pieces ever laid out west when walls were clean with no hip-hop style graffiti. There was only punk /metal and political graffiti back then so it was fun times just playing with it. We called them signs not pieces and we didn’t know about tags until the explosion of breakdance and rap arrived years later .

I was with my brother who wrote BEAST and we called ourselves DTG crew (Down Town Graffiti Crew) in 1982. We pioneered concepts with no reference and minimal colours (about 8 accent colours) so it was fun and exciting times as we explored the lines out our way on our bikes and caught the old Red Rattlers and Blue Harris (trains).

Was a great era when everything was simple and less complex of today’s needs!

The train painting era thru the 1980s-1990s was something else that I will cherish. The explosion of writers / crews and especially the originality of hand styles / letters that made individuals authentic no matter what they wrote you knew who it was by their trademark look.

The early 2000s had its moments also, but 35 years later it’s still just as satisfying to be involved and also supplying the scene with paint. I have been supplying / distributing paint for nearly five years now and have grown to run the largest distribution of paint in Australia – Loopcolors / Sigma80 / Clash / Dopecans and Daycolors (600+colours) and am still expanding! I supply Australia wide to stores / councils / artists / studios etc basically cater for any projects big or small.

Who knows I might supply your addiction one day!!!!!!!’

DUKE (STYLE) CKA TSF ID (Melburn Wests Og)

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credit: p1xels

‘On occasion I associate with vandals.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but does lead to some interesting stories. Most of them only get shared over a beer or a six pack of chicken nuggets after a paint filled night.

On the ‘Illmatic’ mission I recall POISE telling me to shut the torch of cause the ghetto bird was hovering. Like I didn’t know. Fun times!

I’ve been photographing for as long as I can remember, and have been documenting the graffiti world for almost a decade. Graff has linked me to other writers on my travels around the world – thats the part I like best.’


Seasons of Change ‘Illmatic’ opens at Melbourne’s Revolver this Friday 2 June from 6 – 9pm.