Nick Gentry in the Studio

Keownphoto. Nick Gentry. VNA-6

Our man Liam Keown has been out and about again with his camera taking snaps of artist’s studios. Here’s the second of a series giving a little insight into the artists and their work spaces…This time he visits Nick Gentry and gets a few words from him about the space.

Keownphoto. Nick Gentry. VNA-5

“My studio is in Hackney Wick and it’s a shared space so it’s great to be around other artists. I feel a certain amount of freedom in the area and I think that’s good for the creative process.”

Keownphoto. Nick Gentry. VNA-4

“It’s vital to have a personalised space in which to work. To me it’s really important to have ideas and sources of inspiration on the walls. Creating the right environment and mood is a key part of my practice.”

Keownphoto. Nick Gentry. VNA-3

“Maybe my studio and work can be seen as somehow sentimental or nostalgic as I like to use outdated materials, but I personally don’t see it that way. I’m very much in the present moment, simply using materials from the recent past to highlight where we are today. I see all things as temporary so even though I feel very much at home in my studio today I know all that will change one day and I will move on.”

Keownphoto. Nick Gentry. VNA-2
Keownphoto. Nick Gentry. VNA-1