Mando Marie / Hyland Mather – This Is Why I’m Such A Mess

flipsides_01VNA veterans, Hyland Mather issue 33 (@thelostobject) and Mando Marie issue 21 (@seeyouthroughit) are having their two person collaborative exhibition, ‘This Is Why I’m Such A Mess’ at CAVE Gallery in Venice, CA opening this Saturday June 10th 6-10pm, left coast time.

flipsides_01_hy_side flipsides_01_mando_side

The pair has made a 9 piece series of what they call ‘flipsides’ paintings.  These double sided paintings have a choice illustrative piece from Mando on one side, and a minimal geometric ‘shapepile’ painting from Hyland on the other side. In Mando’s words, ‘You can quickly flipside switcheroo whichever side you want facing the world for a change of vibe. ‘  Nice.



Some good new solo work from each is in the show as well.  Mando brings a new group of her vintage book cover paintings.




Hyland has new ‘lostobject’ series of Cali Beaches adding, ‘These pieces are a simple homage to the many trips had along the Cali coast, not only our trips, but just the many many trips.’

hwy_1_cali_beaches_huntington_hyland hwy_1_cali_beaches_windansea_hyland hwy_1_cali_beachs_sunset_cliffs_hyland

If you’re in LA, go visit the show.  CAVE gallery recently moved…even closer to the beach now.  55 North Venice Blvd 90291

Should be a good party, the second space at the gallery is featuring ‘Still Screaming’ a punk photos exhibition and the legendary Keith Morris (Circle Jerks) is guest DJ for the night

To check out all the work in the exhibition, here is a link to the exhibition preview catalogue