‘Absolute Mayhem’ – Mitch Walder


Home grown in Melbourne, Mitch Walder is an artist who works out of The Arts Hole studio in Caulfield. An upbringing that involved mainly drawing on anything he could get his hands on, Walder was destined for an artistic career. After graduating from a Bachelor of Design Arts degree 2011 at the formerly known Australian Academy of Design he hit the ground running, forging a career in illustration, painting, graphic design, gallery installation and artist workshops. An internship at The Age beginning in 2010 proved to be a crucial stepping stone for an art practice that now hosts cliental such as Facebook, Adidas x Glue Store, Red Bull, Linked In, Lonely Planet, Splunk, Ray Ban x Boiler Room, AFL & White Night among many others.

Walder’s style lends itself to chaotic cartoon scenery with content often formed through a mix of observational & subconscious techniques. A vibrant colour palette washed over an entropic composition has been a signature display for Walder as he looks to develop this style into a number of different elds alongside painting and mural work including apparel, sculpture and animation.

‘Absolute Mayhem’ is Walder’s third solo exhibition b. Opening on May 19 2017, the show revolves around an intense centerpiece that consists of 29 individual artworks and stands at 3 metres. The works are displayed side by side creating an overall scene of chaos that structures around a central – unarticulated by outline – area that assumes a path to a white unknown. Thematic tendencies in palette & layout bring this painterly mess into a somewhat ordered chaos.

Although the origins of the exhibition lay in aesthetic ambition, the collective work became as conceptually dense as it is aesthetic. The size and layout of the centerpiece aims at questions of ‘The Bigger Picture’ and how each board has its own unique identity but collectively brings together an even more impressive display. A technique that saturates the canvas with subconscious expression and articulation, Walder has added a mixture of personal nostalgic imagery and other thoughts on the current world around him. The process is a rolling stone of content and meaning alongside years of persistent and proli c drawing, leading an internal brew to manifest on to the gallery walls in scenes of chaos and colour.

‘Absolute Mayhem’ runs from May 19 – 28, 2017, at BSIDE Gallery, 121 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne.