Swoon Hits Haiti!

The awesome force of nature that is Swoon headed back to Haiti to get stuck into her latest project, helping repair and rebuild the communities as part of the Konbit Shelter project. In her own words, she tells us about the work she is doing there:

Konbit_Progress Image

“With great joy, we have begun to build our bamboo home in Haiti. Architect Joana Torres and I arrived last week, joining forces with the team in Cormiers. There’s a lot of excitement in the air, and much to be done over the next few months.”


“Being back in Haiti is such a powerful experience and we have made tons of progress in just 8 days. From demolition of the old earthquake-damaged home, to leveling and clearing the site to make way for the new, to digging and pouring the foundation and receiving our bamboo…we are on a major roll!”


“Today at the build site, I noticed that the neighbors next door had begun repairing their roof. This is a new development since we arrived and it’s no small coincidence. This is the beneficial domino effect of our work here in Cormiers. With support from our Kickstarter community and friends around the world, we are hiring a rotating crew of local people to build the house, and we are sharing vital resources with the community at large. As a result, we are witnessing the broader impact of our efforts, from neighbors repairing their homes to families putting their kids back in school. It’s a life-changing experience!”


“Another lovely happening this past week was that I was able to guest teach the kids at Klub Obzevatwa, our after-school program in Haiti. Such a treat! Since this past week was Carnival, I just indulged and made the whole session about face painting. The kids went bonkers and we had so much fun.”


“No work that I’ve ever done before has had such a direct and positive impact on the lives of so many people. I’m really proud of our team, every person who has been on the ground here with us over the years and, most significantly, all of you who have been the jet fuel to our engine — thank you!”


“As we head into this next phase of building, introducing the bamboo, we’re excited to bring in an expert from Port Au Prince to help train the crew in modern earthquake and hurricane-safe construction methods using this ancient and sustainable material.”


“We’re moving small mountains over here, and we need a little more help to cross the finish line. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation, at whatever level you are able. Click http://heliotropefoundation.org/klub-donate to support our efforts.”