‘KEEZUS: The Second Coming’ – 23rd Key


‘The Second Coming’ is the second part of a two part series of works entitled KEEZUS that first debuted in 2014. The body of work draws on the exploration of the human condition, utilizing the stencil art process. It explores the theme of the ego, specifically the artists ego, and experiences.

It’s a dissection of what it is to be a stencil artist and will showcase the medium in a way that has never been done before. Each work concentrates on the inner battle we have with who we are, who we are perceived to be, and how they differ.

credit: p1xels

Jess began her foray into stencil art in 2005, first exhibiting her work in 2008, and has spent most of her time toiling over a table ever since. Under the pseudonym 23rd Key, she creates photo-realistic stencils, taking no short cuts and cutting everything by hand. With a background in printmaking, graphic design, audio engineering and is currently studying Architecture, she brings the knowledge from each of these into her already photo-realistic style.

She hand carves each doily-like layer, and this attention to detail is fast becoming a trademark of her work, winning her the Australian Stencil Art Prize in 2011 and world Stencil Art Prize in 2014.

credit: p1xels

Working with only nine layers or fewer on any one piece, she doesn’t believe it’s the number of layers a stencil has that lends to her stunningly photo realistic images, but the amount of detail cut into each individual layer. Breaking ground in her medium, she is one of the few stencil artists to incorporate 3D and free hand elements into her works. 23rd Key excels in breaking the rules of the stencil medium and approaching it in a way none of her peers have before.

At the age of 28, she is still in the early stages of her art career and has already won a number of prizes and accolades as well as inclusion in ‘The Art of Banksy’ local artists charity auction and Sydney’s longest running charity auction event ‘Project 5’. Having such a distinct style, it’s easy to distinguish her work from the rest. As one of the few women at the forefront of a predominantly male-dominated medium, she is a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of some.

credit: p1xels

Official opening – Saturday March 4th 6-8pm and continues till March 12th.
Venue – The Stockroom, Shop 2 Civic Place, Ringwood (near the corner of Seymour and Ringwood St)