50 Years of Bodé Style! Cobalt 60 Augmented Reality

Mark Bodé is set to launch a new Augmented Reality Graphic Novel, based on one of Vaughn Bodé’s earliest works, Cobalt 60.

In the late Sixties, Vaughn Bodé was one of the most influential and controversial artists in publishing. Creator of such iconic characters as Cheech Wizard, Da Lizard, and Cobalt 60, Vaughn’s Eisner and Hugo award-winning artwork caught on with the early street artists of New York, as well as with underground comic and satire publishers. This included National Lampoon, who ran his Cheech Wizard strip for years.


Cobalt 60 was one of the first comics ever to feature ultra-violence, sex, alternative lifestyles, and a bleak look at our future. This was years ahead of the films to come from George Miller, Roger Corman, or Ralph Bakshi, and it’s influence can still be seen in modern films, such as Fury Road and Deadpool.


Vaughn’s son, Mark Bodé, also a cartoonist, has always carried on his father’s style. Mark, whose early work in Epic Illustrated and Heavy Metal, led to a long run (1988-1995) on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, considered some of the best in the TMNT series.

Mark took Cobalt 60, and built on Vaughn’s world to further develop the Hooded One’s gritty adventures. With co-writer and artist Larry Todd, he released a series of five softcover graphic novels. Originally published by Donning/Starbreeze in the late Eighties, and later re-released by Tundra, Cobalt 60 has always been a fan favorite. And now, Cobalt 60 is back. Bolder, darker, sexier… And, as usual, Cobalt is very pissed off!

Launching this summer at the San Diego Comic-Con is the new Cobalt 60 Augmented Reality Comic and App. A flip of Vaughn’s original Cobalt 60 comic, each page of the new comic unlocks an interactive 3D scene when viewed with an iOS or Android device.

Join Mark Bodé for a hands-on preview of the new AR Comic and celebrate 50 years of Bodé style at the Big Apple Comic-Con, downtown Manhattan, March 11-12, 2017.

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