ShangrilART at the V&A Museum


Armed with buckets, paste and brushes, the creative team behind Shangri-la and a few special guests arrived late last week to add their striking additions to the Glastonbury land and legend exhibition at the V&A Museum, London.


Works by the following artists can be seen if you look close enough: Jimmy Cauty, Shepherd Fairey, Chu, Paul Insect, Dr D, Noki, Mobstr, Steve Cutts, Dan Hillier, Andi Rivas, Carl Cashman, Charlie Anderson, Darren Cullen, Angry Dan, Hugo Farmer, Hal Hefner, Jim Chambers, Webbo, Hutch, Mark Hooley, Objectables, Aaron Baker, Natasha Carter.


Creative Director Kaye Dunnings reveals “This is the beginning of an exciting partnership with Shangri-La and the V&A’s Theatre and Performance Archive. I’m thrilled that much of the amazing artwork, sculpture, even the design process and sketchbooks we’ve created over the years will be preserved to inspire future generations to come.” Glastonbury-Land and Legend is on for another week at the V&A. (Until 26th Feb)


Shangri-La is also developing ShangrilART – An organization dedicated to creating Art for Everyone. Only a small audience sees the work that is created for Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival. We aim to spread Shangri-La’s message of love, rebellion and humour through external projects and events, working with communities and supporting artists year-round. Selected works by some of the artists featuring at the V&A will soon be available as limited edition prints and collectable objects through ShangrilART. ART IS FOR EVERYONE.


“Works of art are the most intimate and energetic means of aiding individuals to share in the arts of living. Civilization is uncivil because human beings are divided into non-communicating sects, races, nations, classes and cliques.” John Dewey


Photo Credit: Ibby Azab / Obey Team