‘The Presidency of Obama’ – A Group Show


“In a bizare twist of fate a wonderful human being found himself in the Oval Office in the postion of President of the United States of America. This rarely, if ever happens so to memorialize these 8 years of unprecidented thoughtfulness we’ve invited our favorite artists from across the pond to share art work inspired by the two terms of Barack Obama, our President” – The Marcy Project

Street artists defining the genre around the world have contributed original canvases, works on paper, and limited edition prints for this debut exhibition at Brooklyn’s ‘The Marcy Project’.

Featuring works by Blek le Rat, Chad Hasegawa, Nick Walker, Pure Evil, The London Police and Vinz Feel Free as curated by DK Johnston for The Marcy Project.

Opens Saturday 12 November at The MARCY Project, 275 South 2nd Street, Brooklyn, New York.