‘Polarity’ – Christopher Hancock

Christopher Hancock is best known for his dark and twisted figurative works that explore the surreal complexities of the human condition. Born in Perth, the now Melbourne-based artist hails from a background in Australia’s graffiti and street art scene. The raw aesthetics of these urban movements can still be seen in his studio works, although it is the influence of fine artists such Francis Bacon that is most prominent. Within Christopher Hancock’s works themes of family, love, sexuality, anxiety, depression and mental health can be derived among many others.

Credit: p1xels

Christopher Hancock’s works present the layerings of an honest and philosophical soul. In a market oversaturated with technicolour pleasantries, Hancock’s works choose to dig a little deeper into the human psyche; to discover and arouse the real emotions that lay embedded in the dark hollows of our minds.

His latest show, Polarity, is no exception to this ongoing artistic exploration of the soul. With a body of work built upon his own emotional research, the show promises to offer audiences a genuine insight into the artists’ own mind; one that viewers may find themselves relating to, one that stirs (or perhaps disturbs) your own existential stew.

Credit: p1xels

The show features over twenty new works from the Melbourne based artist including charcoal drawings for the first time. Hancock uses a variety of mediums in his mixed-media approach to painting including oils, acrylic and aerosol. Each painting is created over an extended period of time as he fluctuates between a cycle of creating and destroying layers until an expressive work begins to emerge and it is within this process that the visual honesty, evident throughout his works, originates. In an attempt to try and capture this unique process, a frame by frame documentation of one of the works in Polarity has been made and will feature as an installation in the show.

Credit: p1xels

Opening Night: Friday 18th November 2016 from 6pm at BSIDE Gallery, 121 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria