‘Onwards & Inwards’ – Kitt Bennett

‘Onwards & Inwards’, Kitt Bennett’s latest solo exhibition explores sensations of life and consciousness. This series of small and large works on paper aims to create meaning in what we perceive to be unrelated phenomena around us. Bennett is driven to explore how our possessions inform our individuality, and of how our internal and external worlds connect. In this series, Bennett uses his trademark illustrative comic style, in an attempt to maintain a playful balance between both the humorous and the darkly thought provoking aspects of our existence.

Bennett uses his illustrative style of storytelling in an attempt to maintain a playful balance between both the humorous and the darkly thought provoking aspects of our existence.

Can you introduce yourself, and talk a little about how you got to where you are?

My name’s Kitt. I’m an artist/illustrator working out of Juddy Roller studios.
Since completing a Bachelor of Illustration I have worked as a freelance illustrator dabbling in animation.

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Can you talk about your style and your current artistic practice?

I guess I have a comic/illustrative style. I do a lot of drawing, especially in sketchbooks.

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Is this your first solo show?

I’ve had a couple small solo shows in the past, but this is the largest one I’ve had. I’ve been working on it for the last six months.

What’s the makeup of the show? What are they? Do you have a medium of choice?

The show features large and small illustrations on paper. I guess my love for comics and that kind of style shows through. I also found using a comic style can help exemplify the topics in this exhibition without it becoming too dark.

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What’s the story behind the title of your show?

Onwards and Inwards. Is a play on the phrase “onwards and upwards” meaning – to be successful and make progress. I believe we can travel infinitely inwards to make progress in finding our answers.

Why should people come to the show? What do you hope they will take away from the show?

I want this exhibition to provoke ideas and concepts in a way so that people can contemplate without feeling any uneasiness. There’s some serious themes mixed with some gags.

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Do you have a mentor or anyone you look up to?

Terence McKenna changed my views on a few things.

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Where would you like to be in five years time?

Hopefully in fives time I’m exhibiting and doing something meaningful with my artistic endeavours!

‘Onwards & Inwards’ opens Friday 2 Decwmber at Juddy Roller Studios.



Credit: p1xels