Denver, Colorado – Street Art Spotlight

We were contacted recently by Doug / @nessus50 from Denver, Colorado with these images of his hometown. He’s spent a lot of time hanging around in alleyways with a camera compiling these shots of artists in the area. All the images are of local artists pieces, which he hopes to turn into a book…


Doug explains, “I’ve been making images for years. My emphasis had been travel and nature. However, I was looking for something new. When looking around Denver, I started seeing street art everywhere. At first, I made images of anything colorful on a wall. The more I looked, the more I found. It was getting overwhelming. I’m at the point that I have narrowed my taste down to making images of styles that I especially enjoy.”


“The art is the product of Denver artists. There is a lot of respect for the murals. I’ve only seen a couple that were slashed. I’m attracted to the colors, skill, and detail invested into the pieces. These pieces are all over Denver in back alleys, businesses, and industrial areas. Some of my favorite artists are featured here. I included dreadicrgod, mpek36, tukeone, grabster, mikeroane, pher01, nspire, and gamma. I’ve made images of the art of over 50 artists. We have a lot of talent here and I hope to see Denver get a lot more, including international, attention.”