Cecil Street Mega Wall


Leading Australian mural artists Rone, Adnate, Sofles, Dvate, Cam Scale, Heesco and Jason Parker have teamed up to create an epic, large-scale mural on the streets of Fitzroy.

Curated by Juddy Roller, and supported by Yarra City Council and the Department of Justice, the project showcases the talents of the seven well known, and highly respected, artists.

Each artist, all unique in style, has been given creative license to paint a dedicated section of the wall, with the only limitation being that all artworks will be portrait based.

Says artist Adnate of the upcoming project, “I’m stoked to be a part of it, I respect all of these artist so much so to have the opportunity to collaborate with them on such an awesome project is really cool. Add to that, I’ve always thought a mural on this wall would be great so the fact the Juddy Roller has managed to secure it for us is really impressive.”

The wall is located on the Rear of Fry’s Storage on Cecil Street, Fitzroy.

All images by @p1xels

Rone’s work attempts to locate the friction point between beauty and decay, the lavish and despoiled, creating an iconic form of urban art with a strongly emotional bent. A key individual in the Melbourne street art scene then, Roneís images have not only appeared all over the city itself but have increasingly began to appear all around the world too, his trademark figures, his heroic, alluring, cinematic icons manifesting themselves in ever larger, more elaborate and emotive forms.



Jimmy Dvate is a Melbourne based artist and graphic designer whose position in the street art scene is well established and can be seen on walls, canvas and in magazines both locally and internationally. Growing up in Melbourne a stone’s throw from a railway station, he was instantly drawn to the colourful work along the suburban railway lines. Incredible talent is displayed through his incorporation of intense street compositions, amazingly realistic imagery and masterful graphic designs. Weaving these all together in a one man collaboration piece after piece sets Dvate apart from what you’d expect to achieve with multiple artists.



Sofles has been both reviled and embraced by the media over his ten-year career that began as a graffiti artist in Brisbane. Following years of perfecting his craft, he burst onto the scene in the late 2000s with various sold- out exhibitions, collaborations with artists such as Anthony Lister, Ben Frost and Revok. With a style like no other, his work spreads across illustration, tattoo, canvas and any markable surface.



Jason Parker
Jason is a artist from New Zealand who now calls Melbourne home. Although working Primarily in oils, Jason can often be found using and incorporating mediums such as aerosol, acrylic, pen and watercolour. Jason is a figurative painter whose subjects often occupy a space not completely of this world. This a recurring narrative in a majority of Jason’s work. Recently Jason has started taking his art to the streets in the way of murals. it’s interesting to see him bring this energy, along with his melting pot of aesthetics and influences and see it brought to life on a wall.



Cam Scale
Cam Scale is a graffiti artist from Melbourne with an incredible talent for painting charos photo-realism and letters. His practice extends from large scale murals and graffiti to digital and canvas. He works with several mediums mostly aerosol, oil and acrylic. Cam Scale has been practising his artwork for 15 years in streets and galleries around Australia, and he has no intention of slowing down. Cam Scale’s choice of subject is usually influenced by his surroundings, he has a strong connection with people and place and all his work projects a strong sense of identity.



Heesco is a celebrated muralist and fine artist recognised for his stylistically diverse and prolific work on the streets, his experimental, emotive and genre defying artwork crosses effortlessly between fine art, street art, comics, and illustration. With a lengthy resume spanning a decade of gallery exhibitions, private and public commissions, various publications and projects under his belt, Heesco is a highly skilled craftsman with a unique concept driven vision all of his own.