‘Freshly Sliced’ – Amac


Amac is a Melbourne based artist, that explores the idea of life – whether that be fruits or creating his own beings. Through the use of mixed media – Amac sets out to explore the beauty in the every day things that inspire creation.

Opening this Friday at Melbourne’s Lane’s End ‘Freshly Sliced’ brings to life the fruits of travel. These pieces have been inspired via the buffet fruit selections throughout Asia. Fruit is natures way of spreading life – making the seeds so delicious they had to be eaten and spread. The works look at how nature inserts its own patterns within the grown beauty of fruits. Now that Spring has come; it’s time to see the plants bare the fresh fruits of the new season.

We hit up Amac for the down low on his show.

Can you introduce yourself, and talk a little about how you got to where you are?

My moniker is Amac and I grew up in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I started in graffiti back in 2008 painting pieces, however I realised pretty quick that I wasn’t that good at letterform and was suggested by a mate to try paint characters instead. After studying a diploma of visual art a few years back I was looking to merge my character based works with what I had learned during that period; which was to paint realism with oil paints.

Unfortunately my characters were’t fitting into the heavy conceptual art that school was wanting from me and I went back onto the street to paint, rather than on canvas. Shortly after that I ended up painting with Ohnoes & Chehehe through a mutual friends internet cafe and from that day I was hanging out at The Artshole. I have now been apart of The Artshole studio for just over four years. It’s all been a lot of trials, errors and experimentation!


Can you talk about your style and your current artistic practice?

My style has been ever changing, I have tried my hand at a lot of different styles; oil realism, abstraction, characters. It’s hard to pinpoint my style, as its now is just a merger of everything I have learned and been inspired by. My current practice is heavily involved with using mixed media and using the different textures and finishes to influence the process of the works. I don’t usually have a final image for the pieces I do; I’ll have a rough idea where I want to end up and let each layer help shape my work, the fun of the painting is seeing where it’ll take you – the hardest part is knowing when to stop.

Is this your first solo show? Why did you decide to have your show now?

This will be my second solo show, my first been back at the start of 2014. The body of work I have is about fruit and it’s vibrant in terms of the colour palate. I hadn’t finished all the work by the Summer of 2015/2016, so I’ve sat on it until Spring. I didn’t feel like the paintings would work as well during Autumn/Winter; so I’ve waited till the works matched the season.

What’s the makeup of the show? What are they? Do you have a medium of choice?

The works look at fruit; specifically patterns and repetition; they are inspired from travelling through Asia where the fruit buffets are just amazing. There’s sixteen paintings, one print and some hand finished terracotta sculptures. The medium of the paintings are all done in mixed media; mostly combining acrylic paint, aerosol, charcoal and pastels.


Why should people come to the show? What do you hope they will take away from the show?

The show is letting my imagination run off with a theme that has been reproduced time and time again through history. It’s a different take on fruit, as I didn’t want to just do still life pieces in fruit-bowls. You could look into anyway you want and see something in the works to take away but I guess I wanted to encapsulate something from my travels; they’re vibrant and delicious, so I hope people can at least see the fun I had painting them and take some enjoyment out of it.

Do you have a mentor or anyone you look up to?

I look to Ohnoes whenever I need advice, he has mentored me the most since I’ve joined the Artshole Studio. It’s wonderful to be able to bounce ideas around and get feedback on work throughout all stages of the creative process. Chehehe has also helped me get to where I am, he just helps you stay creative!

You can find out more over at the event page here.