‘To the Moon and Back’ – Stormie Mills

“To the Moon and Back” sees Stormie Mills look beyond the borders of our galaxy to explore the final frontier of humanity.

For the first time Stormie will introduce the unique use of authentic stardust into his artwork, blending the stardust with paint. This stardust represents an extension of Stormie’s use of the colour silver in his iconic monochromatic palette.


The stardust comes from an ancient meteorite that was formed 4.5 billion years ago in the core of an ancient star, with its rarer elements born in a massive supernova explosion. Stormie uses space as a metaphor for technology and isolation.

It is technology that dehumanizes us, stripping away the very characteristics that define who we are. Contrasted with the symbolic emptiness of space, are the astronauts depicted in Stormie’s work.

They are the deserved heroes, their courage and tenacity re ected in the way in which they have faced their own mortality not knowing whether they will return from their adventures traversing the universe.


Inspired by space and the unknown, “To the Moon and Back” pays homage to the much simpler times of a bygone era, represented by big dreams and the great Space Race of the 1950s and 1960s, where everyday life was without the noise created by technology.

The exhibition itself is a commentary on the social isolation imposed by living in a technology ruled age. We are more connected than ever, yet an increasing sense of loneliness pervades our existence. By shining a light on this disconnect, Stormie creates a foreboding yet hopeful narrative.


The spirit of these heroes lives on in the moon, which is a powerful transformative symbol of immortality that represents eternity, in nite possibilities and enlightenment. In contrast, it is also responsible for the death of the sun each day and the shadows that shroud the dark side of human nature.

“To the Moon and Back” is an evocative body of work that asks you to suspend your disbelief, embrace the unknown and give into the idea that out there, floating amongst the stars, there exists something bigger than all of us.

Friends of Leon Gallery in Surry Hills will present ‘To the Moon and Back’ from 13 – 29 October 2016.