‘Sketchy’ – Kaff-eine


Many street artists work from references and designs created and stored on their mobile phones. Through a combination of habit, creative method and a tendency towards luddism, Kaff-eine paints solely from sketches that are developed on paper, and taped to the wall next to her.

For the very first time, Kaff-eine is exhibiting and offering over 100 of her sketches and studies, from her earliest images to her most recent works. Her Sketchy exhibition is a rare chance to examine her creative process, and see the development of many of her signature street characters.


There’s definitely nothing sketchy about the Sketchy exhibition!

Nothing sketchy about the artwork: All are original Kaff-eine drawings, from her very first naked deerhunter, through to her latest collab graffiti mural design. All of her characters are here; from light whimsical cuties, to her darkest images; from minimal line drawings to fully rendered scenes; polished or raw, framed or unframed, there are sketches for adults, children, boudoirs, nurseries, dungeons, cafes, Nanna’s house, and offices. Some drawings are full of street-character: rained on until pulpy, sprinkled by spray paint, dropped in swamps, lost in luggage, taped on walls, ripped, cut + pasted together; and some survived the process without a mark on them.


Nothing sketchy about the prices: All works are super affordable, ranging from only $200-$900 (AUD)!

Nothing sketchy about the timing: Kaff-eine’s works are usually in demand as Christmas presents. The Sketchy exhibition is a great chance to pick up some framed ready-to-wrap drawings and tick some boxes off the Christmas list, or grab some unframed sketches with plenty of time to frame them before Christmas Day. Kaff-eine, who will be at the gallery, is happy to personalise gifts with a short message.

For catalogue and presales enquiries, contact Kaff-eine at kaff.eine@yahoo.com.au.


‘Sketchy’ – Kaff-eine sketchbook exhibition
Opens 6-9pm Friday 4 November
15-25 Keele Street Collingwood
Continues 10-5pm Saturday 5 November