Outside the Box – Resio

Next up at Outside the Box is Resio!

photo: p1xels

Who are you and what do you do – why art?

I’m Resio, I am a urban artist.

Art has consumed me and is the best and worst thing that has ever happen in my life! I’ve been drawing since I can remember – I can’t help but create. I’m glad it’s what I love doing as it;s a good outlet of expression and also keeps me evolving. I’m constantly thinking and obsessing about what I’m going to paint next – I paint a bunch of different styles, everything from photorealism, letters, characters and I’m always looking to keep it interesting and challenging.

I have been painting non-stop for the past few years and I don’t see it changing. I mostly paint murals, and canvases.

Why take part in OTB and what does being included mean to you?

I was inspired by the concept and challange – there is a timeframe as well as set supplies you can use. This sounded pretty good to me, as I normally am able to take the time I need to work on a project. I also liked the opportunity to work with other creatives who I hadn’t met.

I liked the concept of the strictly black and white palette as it enhaces your style and technique rather relying on an appealing colour scheme to make it look good, By eliminating colour it emphasis the concept and idea created by the artist.

The set up was cool, we were placed inside a barricade in the No Vacancy space and at 10am we got our boxes and knew we only had 8 hours to make something. I was actually nervous at first having limited materials and being placed outside my comfort zone from painting walls. The size was also confronting, as the box was quite small and I am used to painting larger scale work.

I hadn’t ever been involved in a group show like this and I liked the idea that all of us artists were on the same even playing level. It was impressive to see how all the artists before me had approached and tacked the project as each artist went about it in a unique and interesting way.

photo: p1xels

What does being involved in an event like this mean to you, can you tell us a little about your piece and you inspiration behind it

I chose my reference material the morning of the event, I decided to paint a photorealistic bird as I liked the aesthetic and overall look of it, the textured feathers were appealing and I thought it was going to work well and be fun to paint.

I’m inspired by nature and animals so I wanted to create something that the general public could easily relate to. I wanted to focus on using tones to create the form of the bird.

I used the Ironlak Aerosol, to create a textured background – which is my preferred medium and then I used acrylic and a brush to mix the black and white paints into a range of grey tones. i was trying to create a lot of contrast within the artwork and by combining the elements of photorealism with abstract and mixed media i was able to achieve an interesting overall artwork.

photo: p1xels

What is your dream project?

A project with a massive wall, massive budget, good people and good times.

Name three artists you would like to be compared to:

1. Sofles
2. Dvate
3. Telmo Miel

These guys are constantly pushing the boundaries with what they do and are always raising the bar. I like that they are all diverse, in the future I want to be able to produce large scale murals that have a similar impact like when I look at their work. I want to paint more murals that appeal to me aesthetically.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given

I’ve been given heaps of advice that I always think about in regards to painting:

“There are no rules with art”
“Be as efficient and effective as possible”
“No cut backs until the end”

Every time I paint with someone I learn something new that helps me constantly develop and evolve my style.

What jobs have you done aside from being an artist?

I’ve been really fortunate to start painting and run with it.

If you could have any super power what would it be?

I’d love to have the ability to fly!