No Filter Project


‘No Filter Project’ is a photographic series on female body image in today’s society documented by Daria Yakina.

‘Living in a world where women lose touch to what a healthy and normal body looks like, women occupy their minds with striving to be this ‘ideal’ woman that they see on TV and in magazines. The thing is, nobody told us that the ‘perfect beach body’ or ‘the perfect face’ do not exist. All we see are creatures created by photoshop. Why do we use this fake ideal as the measurement for beauty?’

‘No Filter Project’ gives everyday women a voice. A voice that says, ‘We are enough!’ A voice that tells other women, ‘You are beautiful as you are and so am I’.

Melbourne based photographer Daria Yakina uses her project as a platform for women to embrace themselves and also give other women the opportunity to come and look at the exhibition, look at other women who are standing up against unrealistic beauty standards and empower them to do the same!

The exhibition is a one night only event and will be launched oat 8pm October 5 at Loop Bar, Melbourne. Visitors will be able to purchase a book with photographs and quotes of the 27 young women who participated in the project.