‘Matisse Fan Club’ – David Booth (Ghostpatrol)

For the first time in 4 years, Issue 34 featured artist, David Booth (Ghostpatrol) is exhibiting in Melbourne. ‘Matisse Fan Club’ opens on this Friday at Batman Royale, 14 Gaffney Street, Melbourne at 6pm, and is on display until 15 October.


‘In 2015 I took a private pilgrimage to the south of France to visit the Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence, a building in which every detail and decoration was designed by Henry Matisse. This is why it is more widely known as Matisse’s Chapel.

Upon completion in 1951 Matisse stated that ‘this work required me four years of an exclusive and entiring effort and it is the fruit of my whole working life. In spite of all its imperfections I consider it as my masterpiece.’

I have built a meditation monument in memory of my time within his greatest and final work. It is, in part, an ode to the wonder inside this special place, but moreover it uses this chapel as an outlet for me to not only look at but be within my work, my own language.

And really, who isn’t part of the Matisse fan club?’