Low Bros – Perfiction

In art history artists have been joining forces since forever. Today there are still many famous examples. Some of them have already been shown at Golden Hands Gallery, like Moses and Taps, or Graphic Surgery.


Low Bros is one such artist duo, just with the slight addition that Christoph and Florin Schmidt are brothers as well. Throughout their entire life they have been working together, but in 2011 they made a conscious decision to appear as an artist duo on a professional level. Since then, they were rapidly able to follow their vision of creating a prolific, constantly evolving style.


Their artworks show a very complex play between two and three dimensional structures when geometric and cubistic effects clash with floating, organic patterns, like strong colour ways and intricate details.


Influences from design and illustration occur, as well as the cool and abstract aesthetics from arcade games from the 1980s and 1990s. Their artworks show an amazing precision and love for detail. Low Bros’ artworks cluster together in thematically consistent bodies of work that
show their evolution when compared in serial.


This actual body of work conflicts the `display of self in the digital area`, while demonstrating freedom, perfection and manipulation. In Low Bros’ self distinction, they descend from the last generation in the western world that grew up without a smartphone and an internet connection.


The artists are originally from Hamburg, but moved to Berlin several years ago. Due to the good memories from their Hamburg childhood, they have returned to their hometown to show the world that moving to the capital was the missing step to growing up both as people and artists.


The show is at Golden Hands Gallery, Hamburg, and runs until November 11th.