‘Undercurrent’ – curated by Heesco


Undercurrent is a group exhibition that highlights artists whose paintings challenge existing paradigms in today’s urban art scene. It’s a celebration of the highly considered and evolved studio practices.

The artists in this show all find themselves often referred to as street artists. However, from observation and conversations with some of his peers, Heesco found there was a stirring within the scene; as a certain unique style of painting was emerging, borne out of a unique mix of wildly diverse influences. The idea was born to exhibit these heavily considered, conceptual and refined studio works in their own light, detached from any street derived labels. Focusing on the processes,influences and conceptual narratives that form each artist’s practice, Undercurrent aims to bring focus on this new school of painting, and create its own platform for discussions.

Conrad Bizjak

The artworks in this show represent a wide variety of styles and approaches to painting, but what unites them is the bold attitude towards experimentation. These works explore experimentations and push boundaries with a confidence that can only come from long hours spent painting in the studio. Because these artworks defy labels, they seem to either get generalised, or fall between the cracks, into a grey area destined to dance between the lines in a haze of misinterpretation.

For a number of years now, those connected to the scene have felt this shift in attitude from many of the artists. This natural progression however remains yet to be addressed and defined, in Melbourne at least, in relation to the general context of urban and fine art. Whatever you want to call, one thing is clear – these works show creativity, as any art should, without any external boundaries to conform to.

By curating this group show, Heesco aims to establish a platform for the artists to express their own views regarding their art, to start a discourse that aids comprehension and definition of this complex development in art practices, and open it up to the public for discussion.

Craig Cole

This show will be the first in a series which will become an ongoing and progressive event.

Opens: Friday 16th September, 6-9pm Exhibition Runs: 17th – 24th September BSIDE Gallery, 121 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy featuring Silk Roy, Cezar Stulgis, Conrad Bizjak, Sebastian Fransz, Christopher Hancock, Craig Cole, Bode Klein, Sam Octagon, Heesco and Putos.