Does x Case Maclaim – Ostendstrasse Metro Station

This summer Case Maclaim and Does teamed up to create a 6,600m² painting in Frankfurt. Supported by a team of carefully selected assistants, they spent six weeks underground to paint the complete inside of Ostendstraße metro station.


The preparations and the organisation surrounding this project were major and every detail was meticulously planned. As the tunnels were completely covered in dirt, the walls had to be cleaned and this proved to be one of many challenges: the tunnel system is not equipped to process large amounts of water and so a 1.5 ton compressor had to be moved inside to clean the tunnels with dry ice. After cleaning the walls, the tunnels had to be primed in one colour, using more than 1,000 litres of paint. If you look closely, you can see that the small tubes, boxes and wiring do not have a splash of colour on them – so much tape!


Case and Does chose green as the base colour for the tunnels – not only because it looks fresh, but the colour green also stands for growth, renewal and energy, plus it is traditionally associated with finances and banking. Quite appropriate seeing that Ostendstraße metro station is located near European Central Bank (ECB), right in the heart of Frankfurt’s financial district.


When the green base coat was applied, Case and Does started applying their designs onto the walls super fast as delay was not an option. After another 2 pallets of paint and 6 weeks of hard work, the tunnels were completely dipped in colour. Where Ostendstraße was never considered a safe place to wait for the train, Ostendstraße is now a ‘must-see’ if you ever visit Frankfurt!


Special thanks goes out to Samira, Case’s wife, who worked day and night to make sure everything ran smoothly.


Coloured photo’s Stephan Polman
Video & Editing by Zane Meyer / Chopemdown Films

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