Sam Yong – ‘K E E P S A K E S’


Sam Yong is an artist and illustrator from Melbourne. He works across different traditional mediums. As a self-confessed introvert, Sam has a love of nature and solo adventure. He is often found booking a last minute flight to a far away land. This love of solitude, the unknown and the natural world manifests itself through his artwork. Sam’s work has been exhibited in Paris, the United States, New Zealand and Melbourne, along with a multitude of private commissions across the globe.


Premiering his highly anticipated second exhibition, ‘K E E P S A K E S’ Yong’s new work explores the complexity of the human condition, with focus on how seemingly temporal emotions can manifest themselves as everlasting memories. The collection uses allegorical subject matter to take the audience on an immediate journey of emotion, evoking and creating memories on sight. The contrast between the emotional human psyche being portrayed by the cruel unforgiving reality of the natural world is a beautiful yet tragic and intriguing relationship.


Beyond the initial darkness, the drawings and paintings emanate a sense of courage, wisdom and calm. Yong uses traditional painting and drawing techniques, presenting nature in ways that will resonate with the audience. “Painting for me is a cathartic experience and an intrinsic part of being able to express how I’m feeling or experiencing the world. This latest body is a personal journey, delving into the emotional aftermath of fleeting moments of different memories. For me, painting is release, therapy, expression and also reflection.” said Yong of his process. “I hope the audience find their own form of catharsis through my work”.


The featured artworks in ‘K E E P S A K E S’ are carefully crafted by Yong and involve countless hours of delicate work. Opening on Friday 26th August, 6pm, as a part of the Small Wall Project at Outre Galley, Melbourne. Drinks supplied by Feral Brewing Company.