Pokras Lampas Is Releasing a New Screenprint Edition


We just received info about the new print release coming via Unframed Editions – Russian calligraphy artist Pokras Lampas will be releasing his new screenprint edition on Wednesday, June 8th at 5PM London time (12PM New York time).

Pokras currently resides in St. Petersburg, working on the self-developed style Calligrafuturism. Strongly inspired by Niels “Shoe” Meulman’s Calligraffiti he turned his focus from graffiti to street calligraphy, and became an official Calligraffiti Ambassador. The new edition is based on original artwork showcased at Calligraffiti Ambassadors exhibition in 2015, and it’s dedicated to the balance between the calligraphy and dark space around. Through wide urban strokes, done by flat broom and clean thin lines using white and gold, the image represents artistic vision of the future of letters, based on Cyrillic, Latin, Arabian and Asian alphabet with unique rules and letter forms. The new 3-colour hand-pulled screen print on Pur cotton 350gsm black paper will be released in low edition of 50 pieces measuring 63 x 63 cm, each signed & numbered by the artist.