Mando Marie and Hyland Mather – 2 new Berlin Exhibitions


Mando Marie (Issue 21) and Hyland Mather (Issue 33) both have solo exhibitions opening at the JR Gallery in Berlin, tonight (Friday June 3rd, 2016).  6-9PM .  Lützowstraße 20, 10785 Berlin, Germany.   The exhibition is open to the public.


Mando’s exhibition, entitled ‘Make Believe’ is a furtherance of her enchanting aesthetic.   The new work here continues to show off her ability to straddle the line between comforting and spooky in her paintings.


Telling a story that is both universal and personal and utilizing an ever expanding visual language of imagery, Mando achieves a wonderful balance of subtlety and simplicity throughout the exhibition.


Works on paper and works on canvas from Mando are exhibited in the gallery main space.

automatic_webHyland’s exhibition ‘Receiver’ is in the gallery second space.


The exhibition is a walk in and submersive install, combining his ‘Shape Pile’ wall painting and his ‘Lost Objects’ bricolage assemblages.


The materials for the smaller lost object assemblage pieces were collected and assembled in Amsterdam in the Spring of this year.


The paint colors for the ‘wall pile’ mural from the installation, are gallery mistints.


The combination of the simple design minded mural and the delicate but weathered assemblage pieces create a soothing environment for visitors


The exhibitions are running thru July 7th.

You can follow these artists on instagram:

Mando @seeyouthroughit

Hyland @thelostobject