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Traveling art project and screen print studio The Jaunt is inviting their 25th artist to take the road. This time inviting the French Spanish artist REMED for a trip to the Canary Islands, to one of the smallest islands called La Gomera. We caught up with REMED to talk about his trip, what he’s hoping to find and what he will bring with him. “I’ll bring the least to find the most.”.


If you are not familiar with The Jaunt ( yet, make sure to get familiar with them quick. The Jaunt offers limited edition screen prints from some of your favorite artists. The artists travel to a place they’ve never been to before, and create a print once they have returned from their trip. You can order your print for as little as 60€ but only at sight unseen before the trip takes place. Place your order in due time, usually these prints sell out quick!


What was your first thought when you were contacted by The Jaunt with the offer to travel anywhere in the world?

When I was offered to travel anywhere I wanted I thought I would go to places I couldn’t go by myself. My interest in traveling is to travel in time and not only space. I like to seek the earliest point of view thehuman had on the universe. I want to search to learn what the early understanding of life was. So I wanted to meet an aboriginal tribe, or to see original rock painted or engraved rock paintings. But, unfortunately these places seemed impossible to reach for logistical or political reasons.

So how did you decide on the La Gomera island?

I thought about another way to be able to travel in time and space. Stars, planets, and galaxies came to my mind. I’m in relation with the Thamazight culture for quite a long time now, and I know the timeless nomads use to live there, on those islands. The flag of Canary Islands actually hold the last letter of berbere alphabet, the Amazigh also know as the symbol of the freeman, touching both the Earth and the Sky.


What is it that you are hoping to find in La Gomera?

I wanted to go to a remote place, with little artificial light pollution. A mountain, a desert, or an island would be perfect. And here are the Canary Islands. I hope to see stars, ocean, and mountain. See the stars from the mountain, the mountain from the ocean, and hopefully the ocean from the stars.

La Gomera is apparently known for its hiking trails. Are you planning on doing any hiking?

I do not hike so much, but I walk a lot. It’s the most natural way to move, and the best way to discover a land and its people. Also, one of the thing that makes me feel blessed is when I see the horizon. And going high in the mountain usually brings to your eye endless sighting.


What are you bringing for your trip? What is in your luggage?

My luggage will be small, I would bring the basic needs and one book to read, one notebook or paper sheets, a 4B pencil and a rubber. Maybe some gouache.
I’ll bring the least to find the most.

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