The TINYPINK – A New Breed of Stencil Cap


The urban art industry seems in a constant state of flux as both innovators and artists themselves push the medium and technique to new heights; to achieve a bigger wall, a brighter colour or, in the case of the all new TINYPINK, a thinner, crisper line. With just two days left on it’s Kickstarter project, the final step aiming to raise the initial production costs for the finished product, we went in for a closer look.

The TINYPINK is the brainchild of Matthew Dawn, a Belgian artist and entrepreneur, who visualised the product from prototype to it’s current near-completion stage, to go one further than typical DIY stencil caps. “The basic concept comes from the DIY stencil caps that I used to make out of the plastic covers that come with each MTN94 can,” Dawn began to explain, “and all the frustrations I had when using them. There is one stencil cap on the market that you can buy in most stores but it is just the exact same as my DIY solution except mass-produced, design-wise it solves none of the problems that I as a user encountered. So I set out to make my own version of it. My requirements were that I would solve the leakage, add a reservoir and find a way to make it easy to switch it from one can to another without the involvement of other tools.”



It is Dawn’s experience as an artist which has informed every stage of the TINYPINK’s design, citing “the reservoir and the tiny slit underneath the hole of the cap which prevents dripping on the outside of the cap” as it’s major feature, along with the fact that the design can be added to any standard spray can, without needing to make any adjustments such as removing the colour donut.  “Both are huge problems I faced when using the DIY solution, paint would build up and drip down the can, making my hands and the floor underneath me filthy. Or paint would get stuck on the outside of the can and occasionally get propelled onto the wall. Plus, I made the TINYPINK stencil cap so that it is easy to switch between different colors, which was also an issue with the DIY cap.” As well as this the TINYPINK is specifically designed for use by both left and right-handed writers and is streamlined to add just 2mm on to the overall can width.


Dawn also took the TINYPINK to other seasoned artists the likes of Steve Locatelli, Cyrcle and Smates, something he found hugely beneficial when running into problems during the all-important development stages. “They liked the idea but weren’t really sold on it until the last version of the prototype, I ran into a lot of issues during development. I met Cyrcle in Ostend during the Crystal Ship festival, he saw it and immediately knew what it was and loved it!” Since then other big names have jumped on board such as Fintan Magee and MyDogSighs, suggesting that, once released, the TINYPINK could make a big difference to practicing artists around the world.


There was one question we had to ask however, relating to the cap’s bold colour scheme. Why pink? Dawn laughed as he admitted; “A fun fact! I originally wanted to name it the TINY PINK HOLE and after if it had been successful, come out with a new edition that could go even smaller and call it the TIGHT BROWN HOLE. Luckily some smart people over at Reddit urged me to change it! However I still kept the TINYPINK part, as a nod to the people who got me started in art, the art studio Massive Black in San Francisco who have a black cock (rooster) as a logo. Also honestly, I just like pink. I think it’s a great color to accentuate things. Black is depressing, white looks cheap, all the others have some sort of emotion connected to it. Pink stands out from that range because it is used so little.”

The TINYPINK Kickstarter is just a stones throw away from reaching it’s €12,000 target by the 22nd of May and is a project which could make waves in the industry as a clever solution to allow artists to capture greater levels of detail than ever before. One to watch!

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