Creature Creature – ‘Daggers’


Creature Creature is artist duo Chanel Tang and Ambrose Rehorek. First meeting at university they ‘flirted through art’ until they formed an official union in 2011 under one name. Creature Creature was chosen from a quote in the 1960’s film A Bucket of Blood; “A Creature is a Creature…or it is an artist!”

Born in Adelaide, Ambrose has a Degree in Visual Arts from the University of South Australia. Chanel was born in Wellington, New Zealand, moved to Australia in 1998 where she did her Degree in Fine Art at Monash University.

Photo: p1xels

With this background in fine art and graphic design, their work is a blend of both practices with strong historical influences, mixed with a love of street art and illustration. Creature Creature play with the idea of duality, east meets west, and the natural world. A dragon and unicorn are the pair’s alter egos, commonly appearing in their art.

Photo: p1xels

Creature Creature’s latest series of work is about bringing inward disposition to the surface with a demonstration of high intensity and romantic drama. Illustrating the internal with outward displays of armour, weapons, creatures and colours. Symbolic representations of fortitude.

Visual style and motifs comes from both a past and future aesthetics resulting in a series of characters, and sense of narrative and mythology: stories of new/old heroes and superpowers.

Photo: p1xels

Opening this Friday 6 May 2016, ‘Daggers’ will only run for 3 days at Melbourne’s Blender Studio.