Snub 23 Solo Show – POLYHEDRON


With his first big event of the year, cyborg heavy-hitter Snub is treating us to POLYHEDRON, an all-new solo show in Southsea, Portsmouth, between the 2nd and the 30th of April. One of the key themes in the exhibition is to capture demonstrate the scope of the Brighton-based graphic artist, as mentioned when we caught up with him for a quick interview about the new show.

one solid many facets

“The name of the show ‘Polyhedron’ means ‘one solid, many facets’, this also fits my artwork. Anyone who follows my work knows I don’t stick to one technique. I sketch, stencil, brush, sticker, paste, craft and paint.” He explained, before warning that this new body of work may not be exactly what his fans normally see. “I guess I’m known for ‘mongrel’ the robot inspired by my childhood comic book hero’s the ABC warriors, he appears in this show but isn’t the main feature.”


The show is held at Play Dead Studios, an uncommon merger between tattoo studio and creative exhibition space. Making the most of the unique venue Snub has created a custom set of 10 tattoo flashes to run alongside the exhibition, each to be inked only once by the artists at Play Dead. “The crossover is perfect for my work.” Snub began, “we already have bookings and think some may even be inked by the time the show opens on Friday. I plan to then frame some of the designs.”

Tattoo Flash

“The shift between me painting a fictional character and it becoming something more solid and real happened couple of years ago. I started to introduce a skull into my robot sketches which led to more realistic looking creatures and people. The difference between human and robot in my sketches blurred and they became one.” This metamorphosis between robotic and biological is demonstrated best in HYBRID, Snub’s self-proclaimed favourite piece from the show, “A brushed acrylic piece. It’s either a human being revealed as a robot or the other way round and it’s about not knowing.”


The most iconic pieces from the show are undoubtedly his formidable garrison of overhead masks in all their mechanised glory. “The masks developed from conversations with good friends and a model maker, it started with a full skull and developed into the masks. Firstly a cardboard prototype which is layered with resin, sculpted and sanded. Then that’s the master for making a cast. This is then used to produce more but these are reinforced with fibreglass.” However he was unwilling to take all of the credit for the pieces, stating, “I’m really happy how they turned out but I can’t claim all the credit in their realisation, without Ed Nottingham they wouldn’t have gotten this far. We have other plans for the future and with these new customs even more ideas have sprung up.”


Especially created for the solo show, Snub has released five blank masks to a group of hand selected artists to bring their signature styles to each cyborg head, although through the variety of artists involved some unexpected results arose. “My Dog Sighs has given his an aged metal effect and realistic eyes, which freaked me out the first time I saw it. Also Aremsee is an artist currently working on the Star Wars movies and has blasted one side of a mask painted with actual stormtrooper paint. Nerd alert! I’ve yet to see Fark’s and Betso’s but I know they’ll be killer.”


The show’s opening night is tonight from 7pm and it runs right up until the end of the month so if you are in the south of the country at any point over April it is definitely worth a look. As well as picking up your one-off Snub inking, a limited run t shirts has also been created to commemorate the event so make sure you head on down there, the more the merrier. “A SNUB army would be glorious.”

My Dog Sighs






Play Dead Studio