Neon Laneway

As part of Melbourne’s infamous White Night, Neon Laneway was a colourful fusion of urban art and contemporary dance that lit up the iconic Rutledge lane in a fluid blend of physical and visual street art backed by an explosive soundtrack of contemporary Australian beats.

Photo: @p1xels

Photo: @p1xels

Photo: @p1xels

Drawing on the avant-garde techniques of Japanese butoh and the site-specific tenants of promenade theatre, Neon Laneway brought graffiti to life in a collaborative celebration of visual spectacle, somatic sculpture and iconic place (Rutledge Lane).

‘White Night is about seeing the city with fresh eyes, going places at
taboo hours, and changing the atmosphere of the city. As a movement artist I was interested in how I could somatically and viscerally interact with a two dimensional surface, that’s when I thought of the idea of being physically painted into the art. We wanted to do something spectacular and collaborative’
– Alana Hoggart

Photo: @p1xels

Photo: @p1xels

‘We wanted to create work that was spectacular, and to take the audience on a journey, through a space that is ‘otherworldly’. We were inspired to use Neon because we wanted to illuminate the space; we wanted the art to literally come off the walls. There is also a connection to the subculture scene which interested us. Graffiti and street art typically wouldn’t be seen in Neon manner in everyday life. The Neon effect is quite memorable in how it transforms the artworks.’ – Michael Duncan (Losop)

Photo: @p1xels

Photo: @p1xels

Featuring the art of some of Melbourne’s fantastic street artists Dosey, Facter, Heesco, Makatron, MIT, Losop. Performance Artists Alana Hoggart, Bronwen Kamasz, Jaime Dorner, Kieran Law, Lily Fish, Stephanie Osztreicher and sound by Sam McAuliffe.

Photo: @p1xels / @losop_stencils