DEAMS – ‘In the Fold’


Painter, designer and geometric visionary Deams has been influencing the Melbourne street art scene for over a decade. A founding member of the infamous Melbourne collective AWOL Crew, his work can be found in both galleries and street contexts around the world. Deams has an intuitive approach to painting and process, which allows for his work to oscillate between tangible and intangible forms and realities. He approaches his practice with a studious dedication to his past and the immediacy of his present, discovering links between the impressions of his childhood and his current ideas and experiences. His work continues to explore aesthetic and interpersonal relationships through compositional conversations in form and texture.


‘In the Fold’

We are intrinsically bound by our shared experiences as we move along uncertain paths. ‘In The Fold’ seeks to illuminate the nature of this human journey by inviting viewers to explore their own empathic connection to humanity and community.


Swathes of subdued tones and folding brushstrokes coalesce as a metaphor for our visceral experiences. Drifting emotional landscapes are juxtaposed with glimpses of fragile geometry that act to hold the works in states of impossible stillness. These lines create a defining tension, shedding light on the uncertainty of our paths.


Eerie, calming and beautiful. ‘In The Fold’ opens on April 22nd at Backwoods Gallery.