Abyss .607 – ‘Arcane Lotus’


Opening this Friday at La De Da Bar in Canberra, Abyss .607 presents ‘Arcane Lotus’. Formerly of Canberra but now calling Melbourne home, Abyss .607 returns to his old stomping ground bringing with him a myriad of paper works, available for one night only.

We sat down and discovered what really is happening within the Abyss….

Damo: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into art, both on the street and in the gallery?
₳. Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the Universe and what could lie deeper. I remember the earliest drawings I did as a child were scenes on alien planets with strange beings and creatures, I can’t recall the direct inspiration for this but it may have something to do with growing up in a place where you could see the stars. I spent most my youth drawing creatures, from there I progressed to create my own card games and stories for them. As for the progression into graffiti and street art; that happened much later. I was already utilising and engaging in the urban scape from years of skateboarding, it just seemed natural to put my visions out there too. Having the opportunity to exhibit in galleries of late has been good, as most of the work I do is illustrative based and I like the divide of practices.

Photo: @p1xels

Damo: They say there can be a lot to a name. Why Abyss .607?
₳. The concept behind the meaning of the word abyss is inspiration to me. From either the mind, space or otherwise, the deep, engulfing unknown is what I tend to dwell on. I think of the abyss as the event horizon to unthinkable possibilities and worlds. You know what they say about staring into the abyss too long.. I might have already been pulled in. After all, we are all battling our own monsters and the outcome of these battles has been my art.

The number .607 is part of my old postcode, I also like the ideological balance between 6, zero and 7.

Damo: You started your career in Canberra, and since moving to Melbourne you have gained a strong following. Why do you think people enjoy your work?

₳. I can’t speak on anyone’s behalf but I think people find their own meanings within my work, especially if it catches them by surprise. There’s a lot of power to artwork if used effectively, I tend to draw allot of inspiration for my character work off deity figures, art that for the most part is all symbolic and such symbolism and forms speak a much stronger language then words could. I like to carry an echo of ancient art into my work.

Photo: @p1xels

Damo: How do the scenes differ between Canberra and Melbourne?
₳. Well, when I first started doing graffiti in Canberra I didn’t know anyone else who did it and there wasn’t too much stuff happening, that is, in regard to people doing street work. Melbourne on the other hand is saturated in creative diversity which is great.

Damo: How does it feel to return to Canberra to have your own solo show?
₳. Well, I’m looking forward to it.

Damo: What can we expect to see at Arcane Lotus?
₳. Arcane Lotus will be all new black and white illustrations focusing on my character art in a darker guise but still as the divine beings they are.