Rashe – ‘Digital Dilemma’


Digitally flawed realities and visually doctored truths. The convenience of technology obscures its inadequacies. We digest misinformation with a blind trust in digitisation.

Truth and farce have been fused; and we consume both indiscriminately.

We search these flawed depictions of immaterial permanence for a notion of reality.

Now, we have begun a reversion toward technological obsolescence, analog transcriptions yet unaffected by the obtrusion of digital deterioration.

These representations are isolated from digital interference, and are instead augmented according to our imaginations.


Rashe is a freelance artist & graphic designer, this being his first solo exhibition in Melbourne. With this exhibition he tries to translate his personal experience with various computer software and interfaces into a series of paintings and mixed media works. In doing so, Rashe presents us with a hidden universe full of errors and glitches. For him this is beauty of the digital world.

Opening Friday March 11th from 6PM at Gallery Soma – 421 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Melbourne