From March 10th to March 25 HORFEE, the artists SAEIO and Antoine HORFEE, decided to play a trick together, being old companions that they are. The exhibition will be hosted by two different locations : the Arts sans Frontière, a cultural space booked especially for the occasion, and the Galerie P38 where the exhibition will take place until April 25th.

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The Game, as a vector of new perceptions, like a way to transcend the codes and the established order, by freeing itself from a dictated view. The Game as jubilation, as sharing, as a fight against the boredom, thrown to the face of the world. The Game as a tool to create our own rules, like a hand stretched towards the Elsewhere, beyond the boundaries of language, beyond everything, in the infinite space of what we call, the fringes of society. The Game as a dramatization of oneself. To see the world as an abyss, to suddenly take ourselves seriously and remain that way. A boundless game, with unlimited materials, colors or techniques. A flashback to the savagery of childhood, and its innocence mostly.