Felipe Pantone is opening “Data Smog” @ Lebenson Gallery, Paris


From 26th of March through 9th of May 2016 Lebenson gallery in Paris will be showing a solo show by Felipe Pantone. Spanish/Argentinian graffiti artist who successfully transfered his futuristic vibrant hi tech style onto a canvas and paper will be showing a new body of work titled “Data Smog”.
As one of the cutting edge urban / street artists out there, Pantone is fusing graffiti, typography and abstraction into a recognizable visual language bursting with ultra-modern aesthetics. Inspired by the technology and information that is influencing and changing our world and society by the minute, the idea of this show is to present the copious amounts of data that accumulates around the world. Though physically invisible and intangible, the artists depicts this “noxious muck and druck of the Information age” through vivid spectrum, highly evolved geometric shapes and rendered dimensional objects. For this show he produced 8 canvases (mostly square shaped), and 4 black and white pieces on paper.