The B-Boy Sculptures of Taku Obata


Born in 1980 in Saitama, Japan, Taku Obata creates larger than life wooden sculptures referencing breakdancing stances using traditional Japanese carving techniques. Having formed the crew UNITYSELECTIONS in 1999, Taku went on to receive a masters degree in sculpture from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2008 and won the grand prize at the Tokyo Wonder Wall Grand Prix that same year.

Captured in a traditional ‘freeze’ stances his sculptures stand around 2.3m and dominate a given space with an energy and vibrancy that is perfectly achieved through the artists personal involvement with the distinct positions depicted.

TakuLarge_L1 Taking around 4 months to create, Taku has exhibited his sculptures all across Japan – including a solo show at the Nakamura Keith Haring Museum in 2012 and the Jonathan Levine Gallery in 2014.

Images taken from Taku Obata solo show at Jonathan Levine.