Introducing Andrew J. Steel

Damo: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your style?
AJS: My name is Andrew J. Steel, I’m a little over 10,000 days old and I’m a creative. I create some of the largest scale public artworks in New Zealand and I try to be a key influencer in the creative sector here. My style is ridiculous, anti-style and looks like your little brother did it. If you do anything long enough people start to care.

Studio, photo by MattQueree
Photo: Matt Queree

The Divide, Auckland Photo by MattQueree
Photo: Matt Queree

Damo: Can you tell us a little bit about your artistic background, and what led you to where you are today?
AJS: I’ve never done a day of art or design class in my life. I came in as an outsider and learned my own way both aesthetically and creatively with how I approach making things happen. We’re all a remix of our influences and whats happened in our life. I’m shaped by a grim upbringing full of adultery, house fires and suicide. My work is an escape from that and seeks to add something positive into the world.

AJS photo by Blake Dunlop
Photo: Blake Dunlop

Damo: You were part of a successful artistic duo, does the way you approach your art differ as a solo artist?
AJS: Can a band that doesn’t practice or perform together, still call itself a band? Most ideas or ventures don’t survive ten years, so I see it as a victory we made the decade milestone. We had our fun but over time we grew apart which meant we didn’t work together a whole lot, so going solo was natural. It’s been much more efficient working solo and not compromising ideas, plus a much better workout painting large scale.

AJS, photo by Deni Macdonald, Wellington
Photo: Deni Macdonald

Damo: Can you tell us a bit about your new piece a month silent auction and why you’ve chosen to sell your art this way?
AJS: I’ve never sold a single piece of fine artwork as my own name. Not many artists can say that. As BMD, we restricted ourselves to work only on walls. Now the shackles are off and I wanted to come in hot when I went solo with an entrepreneurial way of presenting and selling my work. I developed the silent auction platform, which works by one original work opening on the 1st of the month for 7 days, where anyone can place any value bid on the work. This removes all physical and economic barriers in participating in buying my work, making it accessible to anyone in the world. Hoping for bids from Africa.


Damo: What are you currently listening to?
AJS: I’m listening to these guys at the moment;

Damo: What’s something about you that google doesn’t know?(but will now!!):
AJS: I’d quit anything for sex. Art’s merely a mechanism to get more sex.

AJS x Bede carmine, Bali
Photo (and painted with): Bede Carmine

Damo:What’s coming up in 2016?
AJS: 2016. This my year. I’m working toward a few collaborative projects with leading furniture and clothing brands. Painting more public works. Also working on a self help art book & a kama sutra book. Sex and mental health are important.

Quote, Auckland