Felipe Pantone Interview – The Grifters

In the first of a new series of videos entitled INFLVENCERS, well known collective The Grifters speak to Argentinian graffiti / kinetic artist Felipe Pantone on his work and life ahead of the release of his new book ‘Race Flag’. The book is a collaborative project between Felipe and photographer Omar Quiñones, a conversation through images in which both question and answer are supplied via a visual medium. In this way the book opens up connections and experiences via abstraction through previously unconnected forms. The limited edition book will be released on the 22nd February at 10am (GMT + 1) and is available from The Grifters online store 

Even though graffiti writers don’t believe they’re doing art, graffiti is something bigger than graffiti writers themselves..Art helps my graffiti and graffiti helps my art


Previously known for his graffiti work Felipe has progressed into a contemporary artist whose practice encompasses sculpture, visual and digital mediums in order to convey a distinct visual aesthetic which takes from the digital world he see’s every day. Dismissive of those who contextualise his art as ‘belonging to the future’ because of its digital attributes and influences Felipe situates his work firmly in the present, his paintings communicating the inherent motion and flux of the modern world.


The video and book come not long after the success of a short video shot by celebrated filmographer Selina Miles in which she documents the artist via a series of facts, of varying importance.