“After Midnight” – Muretz Solo Show


Norwich-based Moosey art have brought another international name to the eastern edge of the country this month with an all new solo show from Sao Paolo artist, Muretz. “After Midnight” focusses on Muretz’ 2015 body of work which spans over a period he describes as “times where I needed to evolve and take a step beyond.” We caught up with him moments before he boarded his flight to the UK for the show.

1“Its very simple, unpretentious, bold and young,” Muretz began when describing his style and although his hollow-eyed characters appear at first visually simple, he was keen to highlight the main focus in his work. “For me, the idea is the most important and it has to be clear.”

3The exhibition covers a variety of topics from the artist’s recent discovery and practice of meditation, spirituality and quantum physics as well as a couple of more humanitarian issues such as our over-reliance of social technology and an environmental tragedy which befell his native Brazil last year;
“It’s sad to notice that the humans are stupidly exploring the planet in such a neglectful way. The result of the “accident” was the release of millions of cubic meters of toxic into rivers and then into the ocean, killing everything in its way. In my piece, I think the reflection of the character doesn’t show a very bright future for him.”

2“We are constantly relating to our gadgets more than we relate to other human beings, to friends and family. We pay less and less attention to the world around us, giving it less and less meaning, and maybe soon it will all be gone. I am not saying its right or wrong, better or worst, but its a dramatic change. Maybe we need out. That’s what I try to choose on a regular basis.”

12755311_10153556470207893_1006090740_oThe show opens at 6.30pm tonight at Moosey Art Gallery Norwich, runs through until the 12th of March and is a must see for anyone in the area over the coming weeks.


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