CLET – Street Interventions

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CLET (Brittany, 1966) is an Italian artist with Breton origins working in the urban context with installations over buildings and (always removable) modifications to road signs.
The artist’s main purpose is to actively claw back public spaces.

Road signs are a symbol of undisputed authority, signifying obligations, duty and limitations, are modified in order to contradict the strict conception of legality as an absolute religion.

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CLET’s artistic intervention aims at revealing what is considered as “absolute”, that is at times reinterpreted ridiculously or poetically, at other times by stressing the oppressing and totalitarian side of the considered object.


This way, CLET’s work follows his philosophy of a New Humanism opposing an impersonal authoritarian asepticism. The artist expresses his philosophy through its installations on urban architectures.

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All CLET’s works can be found on the streets of many European cities (Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Barcelona, etc.) and some non-European cities (Hong Kong, New York..).

HD Tour Eiffel, Stic kers sur panneau de  signalisation, paris, 2011, ©Clet Abraham

Video Siena Smile: “The fundamental concept of his intervention is to get the maximum change with the minimal alteration to forever change completely your view of the historic giant facade.”


Video ‘Siena Smile’ by Luca Mauceri
Pictures ‘Calenzano’ and ‘Prato’ by Francesco Colivicchi