The Jaunt AKACorleone Print

With The Jaunt’s last trip to the island of Sicily, they bring 2015 to an end. And now they have the final result from AKACorleone to show you. A vivid print which speaks to the imagination while capturing the rich variety and history of Sicily. As AKACorleone himself explains:


‘I tried to go to Sicily with very few expectations, to not be disappointed. Obviously I expected to discover a place full of history, not the pretty fairy tales kind, but the gritty, heavy history of Sicily. Catania was the first surprise. I knew very little about this harbor city and I found a city filled with a beautiful decay. It’s a mix of history, monuments, statues and dark alleys. Because of the harbor it feels like a place where different kinds of people pass by, each with their own influences.’


‘The most unforgettable moment was the trip I made to Corleone. It was so much more than I expected. Since Corleone is the birthplace of the Cosa Nostra, I was afraid it would be a little town overrun by Godfather merchandising. But there was nearly no trace of it. It is honestly a very typical village albeit with a very dark past. Corleone is also home of CIDMA, the Mafia and Anti-Mafia museum. Somehow I could feel the weight of the Cosa Nostra and the Omerta in this town, but it’s something I can’t really explain.


‘For the print I used my own visual references I picked up along the way. I tried to explore the heavy heritage of Sicily through the visual references I found alongside the beautiful decay of the island. A combination that makes this place unique.’


This screenprint is a unique piece of art. Its hand printed in an edition of 50 pieces on 250gsm revive paper and measures 50×70 centimetres. It is signed and numbered by the artist himself.


The last few prints are available from The Jaunt print archive over at: