Mike Watt X Uppercup X That One Shot

That’s right folks. Chasing Ghosts’ That One Shot X Uppercup exhibition opens TOMORROW NIGHT! To get you in the mood for some rad art, here’s the last interviews in our series focusing on some of the contributing artists. Introducing…. MIKE WATT!


Name / tag:
Mike Watt

Where are you from / based:
Sydney, Australia

Describe your work or style:
Ugly characters with character.

The Uppercup event is raising money for animal welfare, why is this a cause that you wanted to support?
I love animals, it’s extremely sad how some people treat animals so it’s a great and important thing that people are helping protect them.

Did the fact that this piece was for a major cause change they way you looked at and approached the project?
Sometimes I overthink my work and it makes me procrastinate and loose energy on it. Because it was such an interesting canvas to paint I kind of let that be the main thought behind it instead of the cause.

Can you tell us a bit about your piece?

It’s basically a pattern of my weird heads. I had a few ideas, I was originally going to do one hero piece on the cup, but then I thought I should work with the canvas a bit more and decided to cover the whole thing so at every angle you could see something new.

How did you decide upon your name / tag?
I’ve been through so many different names and tags, for a long time I was painting walls and leaving them unsigned, it took me quite a while to write my real name next to something. I guess my Mum decided upon it but that’s how I came back to it.


Who or what motivates you?
It changes quite a bit, but creatives who are pushing themselves and keep getting better, not just artists, film makers, musicians,comedians… Anyone making good work.

Who are you currently listening to?
I’ve been listening to Oddisee a bit. He’s great.

If you could be a superhero for a day, who would you be? Would this change if it was for life?
For a day it would probably be Superman, I don’t really like him that much but you could get so much fun shit done, fly to Italy in a minute, lift some shit up… Fly other places… Melt things. I don’t know. If it was for life though, it would be Mr. Fantastic. You could live on the couch and just stretch to get the remote, or food or whatever.. It would be so handy.

Who is your favourite artist of all time?
Probably Robert Crumb.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
I think Trey Parker. That dude’s a genius.

@mike__watt (there’s 2 underscores in there).