Jack Douglas X Uppercup X That One Shot

Next up in our Uppercup X That One Shot series is Melbourne based Illustrator and tattooist, Jack Douglas.

image2Next up in our series of ‘That One shot’ artists, is Melbourne based tattoist and illustrator, Jack Douglas.

Where are you from / based:
Melbourne, Australia

Describe your work or style:
Pop Surrealism and illustrative tattoos

The Uppercup event is raising money for animal welfare, why is this a cause that you wanted to support?
Animals are innocent creatures and deserve more help than people more often than not.

Can you tell us a bit about your piece?
Continuing with a running theme of oral fixation


How do you think urban art plays a part in raising awareness for causes such as animal welfare?
Urban art may not generate the mass revenue that charities really require but because the art is often in such a public setting that the message is a strong one and creates a dialogue amongst people that maybe wouldn’t normally be forming such discussions.

Who or what motivates you?
Seeing the amazing work that’s being made by others mostly. That hunger to get better at painting and grow as a tattooist is a pretty big part of my mindset these days.

Who is your biggest creative inspiration?
The names are countless. I’m fortunate enough to know some incredibly talented people and they inspire me daily. Instagram is a pretty great viewing point for those that I don’t know.

Who are you currently listening to?
there’s so much to choose from..

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?