Facter X Uppercup X That One Shot

TONIGHT! Don’t miss That One Shot x Uppercup exhibition!


Name / tag:
Facter (Fletcher Andersen)

Where are you from / based:
I grew up in Perth, Nhulunbuy (Arnhem Land In the Northern Territory) and Cairns (Australia). I’ve spent time living in Boston, London and Singapore – but Melbourne is home.

Describe your work or style:
I do a lot of tech-natural, patterned, scifi and fantasy orientated work, which, inevitably, turns to strange characters and creatures that I call “Irikanji”.

How did you decide upon your name / tag?
People always think it has something to do with the website I run, Invurt.com, or that it has something to do with the writing I do (of the word kind) but the truth is a lot more mundane – I started doing graffiti in Perth in the 90s, and was bombing under tags like Phin/Fin/Ket … I was playing around with words one day and I just took my first and middle names, Fletcher Acton, put them together – Facter was the result.

The Uppercup event is raising money for animal welfare, why is this a cause that you wanted to support?
… to my thinking, that is like asking why the sky is blue 😉 Everyone should try to do their part for this kind of thing, at any opportunity they have. I talk about it a lot, but on a personal level I am just as guilty as others in never feeling like I am doing enough about it. When a chance comes up to try and do my part, however, I do.


Did the fact that this piece was for a major cause change they way you looked at and approached the project?
Only a little – that it was for this type of cause, and that it was being done by the amazing guys from Chasinghosts was enough that I was really keen to do it. I’ve always loved the work and projects that they do, and I guess as my artwork is all creature, animal and organic in nature anyways, I just put hand to cup and went for it…

Can you tell us a bit about your piece?
We are in the midst of ecological destruction not seen in millions of years – besides hunting and the introduction of noxious species to non-native environments, the lose of habitats is the driving force behind the mass extinction level event that we are now living through. People think the extinction of the dinosaurs was a historically traumatic event, but we are living through the same thing right now.

My piece reflects this – I did it whilst I was living in Singapore a month or two back, going thought the horrible, annual haze event caused by the burning of Indonesias forests by palm oil “developers”.

In my piece, behind the patterns, is the blackened beauty of a dying jungle.

How do you think urban art plays a part in raising awareness for causes such as animal welfare?
People look at a pretty picture on a wall these days, snap a photo and put it on instagram, then go looking for the next one. They often pay lip service to the art and to what that art may represent. Every so often, however, an image may come into view that makes the person stop, and think for a moment about the actual message. I think that if that happens, even for one person a day, then that person may be a little less overwhelmed by the futility they may feel at the battle that is being fought for things like animal welfare.

Those who mistreat animals are an abhorrent aspect of our society that … Well, I always thought that in our “enlightened age” we would be well and truly without. It’s not just about the welfare of our non-human companions, however. The world right now, is fucked. We spent thousands of years killing off our most prized assets, and we are coming very very late to the game in terms of taking animal and ecological welfare seriously – too late for many species, and maybe we won’t save those species that are about to disappear – but if a piece of art can touch even one person and make them think, then that is one extra person who starts to care about this shit than there was yesterday.

Who or what motivates you?
I’m most often motivated by my friends. They are very often harsh, constructive critics, which is why I love them – there are just too many sycophants and people of who promote false assumptions in this world.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
The list is endless, I love collaborating and will collaborate with anyone, any time, anywhere. Right now, however, Huck Gee is one person I’d love to sit down and create something with.