Dosey X Uppercup X That One Shot


Name / tag:

Where are you from / based:

Describe your work or style:
Graffiti with a punch of flavour.

The Uppercup event is raising money for animal welfare, why is this a cause that you wanted to support?
Any movement toward positive change is important, it is to be should be nurtured and supported.

Did the fact that this piece was for a major cause change they way you looked at and approached the project?
Not at all. I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to contribute in this manner, but my work is deeply entrenched in the make up of who I am. My values, morals and ethics are geared toward any form of change in a positive direction. So in this way, as my work embodies myself, it encompasses this cause as well.

Can you tell us a bit about your piece?
I wanted the completed work to resemble a work of mine you might come across walking down the street on a temperamental Melbourne day.

How did you decide upon your name / tag?
Since I was a young Dosey, I have always despised forms of oppression. Administered by authoritative figures, executed through forms of societal control and clandestine propaganda. I began writing ‘Dosile’ (Docile) as a form of rebellion in my own small way. Later I shortened my tag to ‘Dosey’. Now I have more time in my day for lattes and procrastination.


Who or what motivates you?
My last work motivates me the most. I have always been competitive with myself, I view my last work as a hurdle to bound effortlessly over. I guess sometimes I don’t achieve this goal, at which point I usually quit graffiti like quitting smoking, briefly.

Who is your biggest creative inspiration?
Me on a good day, bubbling with creativity…

Who is your favourite artist of all time?
I tend not to focus too much on one artists work, I mean I would hate if someone labelled me there favourite go to artist. There’s a lot of artists out there, I don’t think I can judge until I’ve met them all….

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
I occasionally coordinate and facilitate street art workshops which target at risk young people. Its amazing how creative, energetic and talented some kids are. I hope one day, 10 years from now, these young people are paving the way for the future of graffiti, and at least one of them hits me up for a paint.